Top 5 Actresses Who Should Play Wonder Woman

Monday’s post was an emotional one, and this week has been pretty wild for me and my family with all of these life changes. It has also been really fun and exciting, and I want to continue the fun with more Wonder Woman coverage. This post is not a social critique or a deep look into the fabric of life and love. It is a simple list by a simple Wonder Woman fan.

Enjoy, and make sure to give me your own picks in the comments section!

5. Angelina Jolie

I know what you are thinking. Seriously, I do. But before you write me off for perhaps the most formulaic and hokey pick possible, know that there are substantial reasons Jolie would make an excellent Wonder Woman. While her physical skills have diminished since the Tomb Raider days, she can still do action (Salt, anyone?), and her age and sage demeanor gives a kind of royalty and prestige to the role. Jolie adds a powerful presence to every movie she is in, and is a great choice to play Wonder Woman. She is also incredibly talented and one of our most underrated actors.

4. Michelle Rodriguez

This might be the most unconventional pick, as Michelle Rodriguez is generally type-casted as the tough-as-nails action star with a thick accent who dies halfway through the movie. Yet, this is hardly Rodriguez’s fault. She has made a nice career for herself in those bit parts and cameos, but she deserves a starring role and the opportunity to lead a movie. Rodriguez’s Wonder Woman would be the most physically powerful of all those featured here, and so a movie with her in the role would need to utilize this. I am thinking action-heavy, but Rodriguez can also seriously act and would bring a vital tenderness to the role as well.

3. Rosario Dawson

Dawson already has some experience with Wonder Woman under her belt, doing the voice work for Artemis in the 2009 animated feature, but I think its time she takes center stage as Diana herself. Like Angelina Jolie, Dawson would bring a regal presence to the role while still being able to beat up bad guys if she needs to, as evidenced by her work in Sin City. Her calm intensity and striking physical presence would work perfectly for a Wonder Woman movie.




2. Jennifer Lawrence

The Hunger Games showed us that Jennifer Lawrence can do action, and Winter’s Bone and Silver Linings Playbook established her as one of the best actors working today. Lawrence is a busy woman, but she needs to carve out some time to play Wonder Woman. The world would be a better place, and we would get a near-perfect representation of the Amazon princess.



1. Kerry Washington

Okay, forget what I said earlier, this is definitely my most unconventional pick, and Washington the least known actor of the five mentioned here. Yet, last year’s Django Unchained revealed what she is capable of as an actor, and while that movie left me wanting more from her character, Wonder Woman is a great opportunity for her to show the world that she can lead a film on her own. Having said all that, this pick is more intuitive than anything else. Washington’s look is so unique. It is beautiful and scarred and powerful. With the right team around her, she could elevate any Wonder Woman to the next level. While Lawrence would give us everything we want from a high-quality superhero flick, Washington could flip the script and help create something truly original.

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10 Responses to Top 5 Actresses Who Should Play Wonder Woman

  1. Jack Flacco says:

    I love all your picks! Jennifer Lawrence rocks in Hunger Games and she definitely would be fabulous as Wonder Woman. Years ago, when Transformers was hot, I would have chose Megan Fox, but time changes all things. And time certainly changed my idea of Wonder Woman. Yeah, I can see Kerry Washington in the role. She’d look awesome in the role!

  2. All good choices but I would include Olivia Munn on this list as well.

  3. Paul S says:

    I agree with your selection of Jennifer Lawrence, mind you I’d happily watch her in anything.
    On looks alone, I would consider Katy Perry. I think she bears a strong resemblance to Wonder Woman. I’m just not sure if she can act.

  4. I imagine I’m one of Rodriguez’ biggest fans (I got to have a sit down conversation with her when I spotted her in Hobart a few years back in between her time on a Sea Shepherd vessel, and got a copy of Resident Evil signed… was a little bit stoked). I’d love to see her headline a blockbuster in a strong role as opposed to being killed in it. Girlfight showed she can act, Fast and Furious/Machete have shown she has a commanding, sexy presence and a role like this would be the icing on the cake.
    Enjoyed the article! Jordan

  5. The Vern says:

    Great list of ladies Jacob. Yeah Kerry Washington and Jennifer Lawrence would be great because they are great actresses, but when I think of Wonder Woman Olivia Munn and Gina Carano come to mind right away with their looks.

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